Almost 6 months ago we built a prototype of an app for filmmakers. Our company, AfterNow, builds augmented reality apps and our goal was to make it really easy to compose a shot before you have equipment or a crew. Our first prototype was simple; it combined a director’s viewfinder with the ability to place virtual blocks on your set. We called it Blocker.

Blocker has grown a lot since that first prototype. We now have a library of 3D models with room to add more. You can naturally move, scale and rotate the models. The director’s viewfinder has over 400 cameras. We’ve created a lighting model that matches the actual location of the sun and allows you to change the time of day. Finally, you can export sheets of photos you’ve taken and easily share them.

screen shot

Our roadmap looks something like this.

  • Add lens packs
  • Create a more friendly experience for intializing camera tracking and identifying surface where models can be placed
  • Improve how we deal with the app being backgrounded
  • Various polish

This blog will track our progress, discuss our design decisions and highlight how Blocker is used by the community. Its our goal to be open and engaged so that the tool fits your needs. Currently, we’re accepting beta tester. To join, sign up for our mailing list on the main page.

Jesse worked for 5 years as a VFX artist and software developer. He now is Director of Technology at AfterNow building mixed reality apps.